Friday, September 26, 2014

Tips for Getting the Best Gas Mileage

Gas prices are up, gas prices are down, but it really doesn’t matter because you have places to go and people to see. But all that racing around town can impact your wallet, and how are you going to wine and dine with your friends if you’ve spent all of your money on gas? Melloy Dodge has put together some quick tips to get the most miles out of your gas tank.

First of all- drive sensibly! Rapid acceleration, speeding, and constant braking all waste gas! Some estimates report that eliminating these ultra-aggressive driving behaviors can increase your gas mileage by up to 33% percent. To put it another way… you can save a significant amount of money by practicing a little patience. Try to accelerate slowly, brake only when necessary, and drive under speeds of 50 mph.

Simple maintenance is also important not just for safety, but for fuel efficiency. Check your owner’s manual for your car’s ideal tire pressure and make sure that you are keeping your tires in the proper inflation range. This easy practice can help you to travel a little further each week, as can using the recommended grade motor oil when it comes time for your oil change. Look for an oil that says “energy conserving” and has the API endorsement. At our service center, we can answer any questions for you about general maintenance and help you get your car in peak, fuel-saving shape.

Be smart about how and when you drive- combine errands into one trip to save time and money, and when it’s time to buy a new car, select a model with excellent fuel economy. The U.S. Department of Energy has given the Dodge Avenger and Challenger very high ratings, and our Dodge Dart has a wealth of features designed with fuel efficiency in mind. On a tankful of gas, the Dart has been known to travel as many as 541 highway miles. That kind of fuel economy will leave you with plenty of cash to spend on doing the things you love. Fill it and forget it! Do you have some questions about the fuel efficiency of our models? Ready to see how far a Dodge can take you? Give us a call and let’s go for a ride!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Say Hello to Our New 2015 Dodge Journey

As far as mid-size SUVs go, we know you have a lot of options, but there’s a lot of reasons why Dodge’s crossover, the Journey, is an excellent fit for any lifestyle. Whether you’re adventuring in the Sandias every weekend, or cruising down Central on Saturday night, the Journey has all the style and utility you could possibly want in a crossover, and the latest model is equipped with tons of new tech, safety, and luxury features that will have you sold after a quick test drive.

The 2015 Dodge Journey comes with a four-cylinder engine standard, but can be upgraded to a V-6, and seating for up to seven of your closest friends. The sleek and well-designed body of the Journey is noticeably easy to maneuver, and smooth acceleration, combined with the plush interior, makes the ride all the more comfortable. 19” aluminum rims add style to the exterior, while inside, Bluetooth capabilities and UConnect allow you to play music, use your phone hands-free, and access various apps. All Journeys have a state-of-the-art screen on the dash to display navigation, temperature and more, and its easily upgradable to a touchscreen several inches bigger.

While many SUVs boast about storage space, the Journey is unmatched in this regard, with the typical spacious trunk, and added, easily accessible storage under backseat passenger’s feet and seats. Backseats also fold forward to create a large, flat transport space. Passengers will be pleased to note the 15 volt outlet on the back of middle console, so you can use your laptop, charge your cellphone, or plug in virtually any device on the go!
In New Mexico, Melloy Dodge holds the title of number one Dodge and RAM dealer, so we have we have plenty of Journeys on hand for a quick test drive, and lots of experts on staff to answer any of your questions about this classy, versatile new model. Stop by our Coors NW location to see one in person, but be prepared to fall in love. In the meantime, if you have any questions, reach us at (888) 760-4136.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

New Mexico’s Ban on Texting and Driving

In the past year the State of New Mexico has adopted legislature against all texting and driving with the acceptance of Senate Bill 19, signed by Governor Martinez last March. With the bill just swinging into full effect this past summer, New Mexico drivers are still adjusting and making some improvements to their driving habits. Undoubtedly, SB 19 will help to decrease unnecessary accidents on our roadways, but just how dangerous IS texting and driving? What features on Dodge models like the Challenger, Dart, and Durango are available to assist you and keep you focused? And what are the new laws in New Mexico?

Today, most Americans are accustomed to using cell phones from a very young age. In fact, more than 82 percent of our fellow Americans own cell phones- that’s a huge portion of our country! While the use of cell phones and other electronics is becoming more common, so is the phenomenon of distracted driving. While the term “distracted driving” includes many forms of risky driving habits, most people associate it with texting and driving. Did you know that some of the latest research indicates that as many as 23 percent of accidents in the United States involve cell phones? That’s around 1.3 million crashes! And it’s really no surprise when you consider that if you look down at your cell phone for five seconds (generally, the shortest amount of time it takes to send a text), you are, on average, clearing the length of a football field without ever seeing it. This is not only dangerous for you, but for all those around you! Never fear, we’re here to keep you safe! Most new Dodge models have lots of cool tech features, including the ability to sync your phone, delay texts, and play your favorite music, all hands free and voice activated so you can keep your eyes on the road.

Now that we’ve covered just why texting and driving is bad for you and other drivers, bikers, and pedestrians, just what does the new bill outlaw and what are the punishments? The new laws prohibit texting while driving, texting while at a stop sign or traffic light, and pulling off the road to send and receive texts. Punishments for drivers generally come in the form of a $25 ticket for a first offence, with the tickets doubling to $50 for repeat offenders. In some places, like Santa Fe, the fines may be significantly higher. Keeping your wallet full is just one more reason to drive responsibly.

The Melloy family has been selling cars in the Albuquerque community for more than 50 years, so you can trust that we are committed to your wellbeing. That’s why most of our models are equipped with state of the art safety designs. The Challenger, for instance, boasts more than 70 unique safety features including Dodge’s UConnect. UConnect is a function available on many new Dodge models that allows you to stay connected without compromising your ability to drive safely. Navigation, in-vehicle apps, Bluetooth, and options to hold calls and texts can be done just by speaking on UConnect. These features will allow you to cruise Albuquerque in safety, and with style. As the number one dealer of Dodge and RAM vehicles in the state, we are certain to have whatever features you are looking for in your new car. Interested in the safety features on the Challenger, Dart, or other models? Have questions about UConnect or want to try it out? Give our sales floor a call at (888) 760-4139.