Monday, November 10, 2014

Cold Weather Driving Tips

As the nights, and even the days, start to turn cold in Albuquerque, we know winter isn’t far behind. With the dramatic weather of last season- polar vortexes and all- it is important to be well prepared. Melloy Dodge wants to make sure that you and your passengers are warm, but more importantly, safe when you hit the roads this winter, so we’ve compiled some tips to get you ready!

When the snow settles on the Sandias, it is a good idea to give your car a thorough examine to make sure it is in tip-top shape. Since your tires are your point of contact with the road, make sure that there is plenty of tread on each, and consider having them rotated. If you plan to make lots of trips into the mountains this season, you may even want to consider snow tires for maximum traction and safety on those twisting roads. Purchase a tire gauge and regularly check the air levels of your tires in order to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Despite our relatively mild winters, our city, and many places around the state, will see snow. When you hit the roads in these less than ideal conditions, make sure to avoid using cruise control and take your time when braking and accelerating. Cleaning your headlights can also increase your visibility and help you see everything on the road.

Of course, prepare for the worst, just in case you’re stranded in cold weather. A few items tossed in your trunk now can prove invaluable if this happens- extra warm clothing layers, a flashlight, and a blanket- are good items to keep with you as you drive this winter. As always, a fully charged cellphone can help you avoid disaster in any weather.

For extra comfort, you may even want to consider installing a remote starter kit so that you can warm up your car without even bothering to toss on your shoes and jacket to start it up with your key. Right now we’re offering 15% off remote starter kits in anticipation of the approaching winter months, so get one installed before the temperatures dip!

Do you have questions about prepping your vehicle for cold weather? Need some maintenance taken care of? Give us a call and we’ll help you prepare!

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