Monday, December 29, 2014

Steel vs. Aluminum Truck Design

With the unveiling of Ford’s 2015 F-150 models, a hot debate has been sparked in the automotive world over lightweight metals, and how to adapt versatile, powerful trucks, like our RAM 1500, to a more economical, eco-friendly design without sacrificing durability and performance. As authorities in state-wide truck sales, Melloy Dodge wants to provide you with the facts about trucks designed for dynamic performance, and the relative benefits of steel versus aluminum.

All RAM models- from the more compact 1500 to the expansive RAM 3500, are made out of high quality, lightweight steel. In terms of tooling, material cost efficiencies, safety, and energy efficiency, steel continues to outperform aluminum. Test drive a RAM 2500 and you’ll get an idea of the immense capability and ability to function on all terrain that steel provides to drivers looking for a supercharged and efficient vehicle.

The new Ford F-150 is more than 90% aluminum, and the bed of the truck is entirely manufactured from the metal alloy. Aluminum enthusiasts tout the weight reduction provided by a truck made primarily of aluminum. Manufacturers suggest that this provides greater fuel efficiency. Yet, lightweight steel exists and is used in the build of many trucks. These higher strength, lightweight steel parts can be produced at the same weight as their aluminum counterparts, at 37% less cost.

Cost is a very important component to consider when it comes to purchasing a new truck. Steel is more cost effective to produce, resulting in more value when it comes to your next truck purchase, consider the reliability, legacy, and performance of the RAM 1500, for example. Not only is steel less expensive to produce, but it is less expensive to repair, so should you need work on your vehicle down the line, you’ll be able to more readily afford body work on steel.

Maybe you’re not just interested in the fuel efficiency and the price point of your next vehicle, but energy efficiency and durability, as well. Steel not only provides unmatched safety and impact resistance, but is less energy intensive to produce. Most studies indicate that aluminum production produces up to five times the carbon dioxide emissions that steel production does. For the conscientious consumer, those are pretty powerful numbers!

Melloy Dodge is committed to innovation without the sacrifice of performance, safety, or ecological concerns. For now, the reputation of steel for fuel efficiency, durability, and affordability keeps steel and our line of RAM trucks as the truck with most value on the market. Ready to get behind the wheel of a truck with a dependable engine and sturdy frame? Come test drive any of our RAM models today- the 1500, 2500, or 3500.

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