Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tips for a Productive Test Drive

One of the most important processes when selecting the right Dodge car or RAM truck for you is the test drive. A proper test drive can give you a good idea how a car or truck handles, what features it has and how they come in handy, and provide a lot of insight into the unique assets of that particular vehicle. At Melloy Dodge we cannot possibly stress enough the importance of the test drive. There are a lot of elements that come into play when deciding which vehicle is a perfect fit for you, and you cannot get a true feel for that without a thorough drive. Whether you’re taking a sportscar like the Challenger, or a minivan like the Grand Caravan, out for a spin, we have a few tips to make sure your test drive is as productive as possible.

The first step to a successful test drive is do your research. Online you can view our inventory, and get all the details of the car you are interested in. On average, people preparing to buy a new car spent a total of 12 hours browsing online before entering a dealership! You don’t have to spend that much time, but having a good idea of what you value in a new vehicle is useful. Once you’ve decided on a particular vehicle model (or several), give us a call before you head over, and let us know what you’re interested in and that you’d like to take a test drive. This way, we’ll have the specific vehicle you requested ready and waiting for you.

As you prepare to take your test drive, ask one of our experienced Melloy Dodge salespeople all of your questions, and pay close attention to the unique features that you can see both inside and outside. Don’t be shy! We’re here to help you make a confident and informed decision. As you get settled inside the car, take note of where everything is- the radio and climate controls, etc.- and check out the size of the center console, glove compartment, and other useful features. Once you feel familiar with everything, you can pay attention to the way the car drives, without getting distracted by the cool features inside.

Before you take off, make sure your steering wheel, seat, and mirrors, are all properly adjusted. The last thing you want is to try to get comfortable while you’re navigating Albuquerque’s traffic! Turn off the radio, as well, so you can hear the engine and the gear changes. Try to recreate the conditions you normally face during your everyday driving. For example, if you commute to work via the freeway, make sure you spend a little of your test drive there. Pay attention to all of the mechanics of the Dodge or Ram you’re driving as well- check the bakes, try out the parking and turning radius, and (when appropriate!) the acceleration.

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