Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Driving Tips

Although New Mexico may largely be immune to April showers and May flowers, spring driving is still accompanied with its own unique hazards. From increased animal activity on the more desolate stretches of road surrounding Albuquerque, to road wear and tear from winter conditions, to more cyclists and pedestrians out enjoying the warmer weather- spring is a great time to brush up on some of your safety etiquette and practices. Melloy Dodge distributes a lot of vehicles, advises a lot of drivers on road safety, and services many Dodge vehicles in our service center. We’re familiar with the demands of driving in the spring season, and have collected our best tips to keep you and your family safe as you head out on the roads this spring.

In New Mexico we are lucky to have an abundance of wildlife. In the northern mountains of our great state an adventurous traveler can find black bears and elks, and across our wide low deserts, lizards and coyotes inhabit the landscape. These animals, and many more, are incredibly active during spring. Some are just emerging from hibernation, while others are entering mating season. New Mexico’s abundant deer are especially active at dawn and dusk, a time when visibility on the roads is poor. Check the headlights on your car, especially if you are taking an SUV, like our Dodge Durango, out into the wilderness for spectacular views and to catch a glimpse of wildlife.

Winter can wreak havoc on roads. The aftermath of our intense winter weather can leave some sections of road a bit battered. Ice and subsequent sand on roads can wear them down, so expect to find a few new potholes around town. If you’re behind the wheel of a high performance RAM truck you won’t have much to worry about, but you may want to check your tire pressure just in case.

It’s not just animals that come out of hibernation in the spring- but humans, too! Watch out for cyclists and pedestrians as the temperatures climb. An increased number of cyclists on Albuquerque’s streets can making changing lanes, taking right turns, parallel parking, and even exiting your car more dangerous for everyone involved. Be conscientious and share the road in accordance with New Mexico’s state laws.

For the ultimate peace of mind, have your car fully diagnosed and repaired at Melloy Dodge’s auto service center, or invest in a new Dodge vehicle with all of the latest safety features.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Questions to ask Yourself Before Making a Vehicle Purchase

Buying a new car or vehicle is a huge investment. Your car ferries you to work, delivers your children to school, safely allows you to travel to marvelous destinations, assists you in weekly shopping trips, and so much more. In so many ways, your vehicle becomes an extension of yourself. Melloy Dodge understands the important role that your car plays in your life, and wants to make sure that you select the right Dodge model for you and your family. We always encourage our customers to ask our knowledgeable sales staff as many questions as they like, but we also want to encourage you to ask yourself some important questions.

What will you be using your new car for?

Of course, different Dodge models are ideal for different tasks. For example, a Dodge Durango is better suited to outdoor adventure enthusiasts and off road utility, while some of our other models are better adapted for commuting and trips around town, like the Dodge Dart. Be sure to carefully consider what design is best for the tasks you need your new car to perform, and which of our line of great vehicles will be best suited to those needs.

Who’s going to be using the car?

Will you be sharing your new car with a partner? Transporting your children? Or maybe transporting an elderly friend or family member? It is important to consider the unique needs of everyone who will be using your new Dodge regularly. A sporty Dodge Viper, for example, is great for jetting around Albuquerque, but it isn’t ideal for transporting the kids and their friends to soccer practice. If you’re going to be running a lot of errands with a big family, a Dodge Caravan is more suited to your needs.

What features do you want and need?

Do you take a lot of road trips and value having a built-in navigation system? Or maybe you plan on taking a lot of trips into the Sandias and other mountains in the areas this winter and would like heated seats to keep you cozy. Whatever extras you value in a vehicle, make sure you outline them ahead of time and don’t walk away from our dealership one of our innovative new Dodge vehicles that has all of the features that make your ride worthwhile.

What will you need in the future?

Shifting economy, fluctuating gas prices, and more mean that most consumers don’t change their vehicles too frequently. Buying a new car is a long-term investment. At Melloy Dodge we understand that it is important to make the right decision every time you purchase, that’s how we have developed base of lifelong customers. Our Dodge cars and RAM trucks employ design that never goes out of style, and are built to last a lifetime.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Preparing your Dodge for a Road Trip

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! As warm weather hits New Mexico, so does road trip season. Whether you are headed to Santa Fe for spring break or taking Route 66 from Albuquerque to Chicago, it is important that you make sure that you, your passengers, and most importantly, your car, are prepared for the trek. At Melloy Dodge we see all kinds of damage, and perform lots of maintenance, in our Dodge service center, so we have a lot of insight on how to prepare your vehicle for a long journey. Not to mention, with families, friends, and our favorite Dodge models, we take a lot of road trips, so we know how to keep people happy along the way.

When it comes to maintenance, there are several things you should check on your car, no matter the Dodge model you own, or where you are headed. Whether you’re behind the wheel of a trusty Dodge Dart or a utilitarian RAM 1500, be sure that you’ve checked under the hood. Make sure your vehicle’s fluids- from engine oil to engine coolant to gasoline- are at an appropriate level. While you’re at, give your belts, brakes, filters, and gauges a quick look, too. On the exterior, check your tires and make sure they’re at the pressure suggested by your owner’s manual. If you have any doubts or concerns about the health of your vehicle, be sure to consult a skilled mechanic before heading out.

We know a lot of people (we’re looking at you, guys) don’t like to stop and ask for directions. For that reason Melloy Dodge suggests that you leave the house equipped with a map and guidebook, along with a cell phone with navigation, or a GPS in car, to make sure you don’t make any unplanned detours. Other smart things to have on board just in case include a first aid kit, extra fuses and oil, a fully charged mobile phone, water, and a small stock of non-perishable snacks.

For purely practical reasons if you’re traveling with others, music that suits everyone’s tastes, and some simple games to entertain those not driving are always a good idea.

Ready to take care of some maintenance? Check out our Dodge service center. Have more questions about how to prepare for your trip? Feel free to get in touch with Melloy Dodge. And, of course, for the ultimate in preparation, invest in a new car! Take a look at our new Dodge inventory, and then stop in for a test drive.