Thursday, April 23, 2015

Save Money by Waxing Your Own Car

When you invest in a new vehicle from Melloy Dodge, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that the mechanics of your new vehicle will keep it in great shape under the hood for many years to come- but what about the exterior? Regularly performing gentle cleanings and finishing that off with a cool wax job is a great way to maintain the exterior paint finish well into the future of your Dodge ownership, whether you’re driving a Dodge Challenger or a Grand Caravan. Not only will caring for and maintaining the exterior of your car yourself save you money in the short term, preserving the look of your car will also increase its value over time. At Melloy Dodge we want our clients to feel satisfied, confident, and to save money on their long term investments, that’s why we’ve compiled some excellent tips on how to maintain your vehicle through professional level waxing.

With New Mexico’s intense amount of sunshine, it is always a good idea to find somewhere cool and shady to park your car as you move through the cleaning and waxing process. This prevents mineral spots from forming as the wax dries. After you find the appropriate spot to wax your Dodge vehicle, make sure you have the proper tools on hand, too- towels, car wax, and all your necessary related car-care products. When it is time to get down to business, go in this order- washing, cleaning, polishing, and then waxing.

Cleaning in and of itself comes with a lot of tips and tricks, but we suggest making sure that you’re using a product that loosens and lifts surface dirt and contaminants from the exterior of your Dodge or RAM vehicle without damaging the paint. When deep cleaning, start with the most practical components in order to promote good looks as well as safety. Hazy headlights are not only unattractive to look at, but they can be downright dangerous! Polishing the exterior plastic that covers your headlights can make a huge difference, and don’t forget about the windshield! Follow up a thorough cleaning with a polish to add luster.

After you’ve cleaned and polished your car, you’re ready to wax. Wax is most effective when applied every three months, and if you’re looking to protect your car in order to preserve your investment, you may want to follow a similar timeline. Usually, paste waxes provide the longest-lasting protection for paint, particularly when it comes to New Mexico’s hot, dusty environment.

Use small, circular, overlapping strokes as you apply the wax, working on one section of the vehicle at a time. Remove the wax with a microfiber towel after application- it’s that easy! The experts at Melloy Dodge regularly wax the cars on our lot, and we have seen how it not only adds gloss to our vehicles, but creates long lasting defense against scratches.

Ready to invest in a new car with an exterior worth waxing? We have great incentives at Melloy Dodge!

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