Monday, January 11, 2016

American Expedition Vehicles, a heavy-duty outfitter, has been engineering and producing high-quality parts, accessories, and upgrades for off-road use and overland travel for more than 15 years, and even producing select turn-key conversion vehicles. Now, AEV partners with Ram to produce ultra-tough Prospector trucks that can go just about anywhere, and Melloy Dodge is proud to be the only AEV dealership in New Mexico.

The standard AEV Prospector has a 3-inch front suspension lift, and 2.5-inch rear lift; a specialized front bumper equipped with hefty iron tow loops that double as wear plates; an anti-glare hood; and 37-inch BF Goodrich tires. Options abound for off-road auxiliary lighting, winches, raised air intake “snorkel,” suspension, and more.

You might be wondering how to get one of these go-anywhere vehicles. You start by selecting the Ram 4x4 you want from the Melloy Dodge inventory, whether it’s a basic or loaded model you’re looking for. Then you select amenities listed earlier, and additional items such as rims, bed configuration, and so on. A well-equipped base Prospector package starts at less than $14,000 on top of the Ram price, and you can customize upward from there depending on your specialized requirements.

Unlike other off-road customizations that are pieced together from different manufacturers and only somewhat compatible, AEV components and upgrades are designed by AEV’s own engineering team to work together for the AEV Ram. Also unlike other customizations, your warranty isn’t voided. If your professional or recreational style requires this superior type of off-road or overland travel, stop by Melloy Dodge for more details on specifications, options, and warranty. Go bold, and boldly go. Go AEV Ram.

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