Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cash for Clunkers at Melloy Dodge

Do you have an older vehicle sitting in your driveway that’s not getting much use? Perhaps a car or truck that you haven’t been able to sell? Right now, Melloy Dodge is offering top dollar for used cars and trucks. Take advantage of our Cash for Clunkers program.

If you have a vehicle that you’ve been unable to sell, we’ll give you up to $4,500 for it so you can put a down payment on a newer, more reliable vehicle! Depending on the condition of your vehicle, you could receive a considerable amount to help you get into a new car.

Take advantage of our Cash for Clunkers program and get paid maximum dollar for a used vehicle that wouldn’t typically get you that much money! Come to Melloy Dodge on Coors to see how much you can get for your pre-owned vehicle, and browse our huge selection of certified low pricing cars and trucks.