Tuesday, June 19, 2018

FCA Offers up to Six Months of Apple Music Free

FCA recently announced that with every purchase of a Dodge or Ram, customers will get up to six-months of free Apple Music. Take advantage of this special offer at Melloy Dodge, now through April 30, 2019!

Experience the ultimate road trip playlist with access to Apple Music’s catalog of over 45 million songs! You can enjoy all this free music with premium BeatsAudio sound. In addition, with CarPlay, Dodge and Ram drivers can send and receive messages, make calls, listen to podcasts and audio books, get directions, and more.

This offer is available with the purchase of any new Dodge or Ram model that is equipped with CarPlay support and BeatsAudio. Visit Melloy Dodge to see all new models like the Dodge Challenger or Ram 1500!

How Do I Know When to Change My Air Filter?

MelloyDodge is often asked, "how do I know when to change my air filter?" In some cases, the answer is clear-- in other cases, the answer is a little more difficult. At Melloy Dodge, we will recommend an air filter change as per the manufacturer's recommended schedule. This schedule helps to maintain the overall efficiency of your engine, as well as address certain aspects of engine performance that may affect the warranty. So, always follow those specifications for vehicle health. 

Several years ago, manufacturers recommend changing the oil every 3,000 miles. That recommendation was due to the breakdown of the oil itself. Now, engine oils are much more sophisticated and changing the oil may be recommended only every 5,000. At that point, you should highly consider changing the air filter-- just as a standard for your vehicle and our hot and dusty driving conditions. Also, please consider that the majority of New Mexico roads are unpaved. Those dusty conditions can overwhelm your air filter and may make your engine run inefficiently. So, as a matter of practice, if you're in dusty conditions frequently, you should consider changing the air filter--and, don't forget your cabin air filter, too.

If you're still wondering, contact the Melloy Dodge service department and allow their experts to examine the filter and provide you with the best answer for your vehicle and the conditions your vehicle is subject to.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

What Makes a Hemi Engine So Powerful?

Ram trucks are known for their powerful engines, known as Hemis, a term that the manufacturer Chrysler trademarked back in the 1960s. What’s so special about a Hemi, and how did it get that name?
Hemi is short for hemispherical, describing the engine’s combustion chambers, where the intake and exhaust valves are on opposite sides. That allows the combustion mixture to flow directly across the chamber.
That direct path allows more optimum efficiency. To get maximum power from an engine, it should leave no unburned gas, take full advantage of cylinder pressure, and not waste energy as it takes air and fuel in and pushes exhaust out.
Because the Hemi surface area is smaller than flathead engines, less heat escapes during combustion and the fuel burns hotter. With the valves on the opposite side, they can be bigger, allowing more airflow.
The Hemi engines are the heart of the Ram 1500, Ram 2500 and Ram 3500 trucks. Because of the engine’s power, the Ram lineup often has Best In Class designations for towing, horsepower and torque.
At Melloy Dodge, our staff includes Certified Ram Specialists who’ve achieved additional training in the Rams and in the Hemi engine capacity. Call or visit our Albuquerque Dodge and Ram dealership at 9621 Coors Blvd NW, just north of Paseo del Norte, for powerful Ram trucks with Hemi engines built for the long haul.