Tuesday, September 4, 2018

A Preparedness Kit for your Vehicle

September is National Preparedness Month, so it’s a good time to plan for an emergency kit to carry in your vehicle. Here’s a list from the National Safety Council to keep in your car or truck:

In a small box or backpack, carry jumper cables; a flare or reflective triangle to warn approaching traffic; an ice scraper; extra cell phone charger for the car; a small tool kit or a multipurpose tool; flashlight with extra batteries; a first aid kit; drinking water; duct tape; and a plastic rain cover. Also, it’s important to have a properly inflated spare tire (not all vehicles today are sold with a spare, so check your car or truck!); a fire extinguisher; and cat litter or sand to improve tire traction on slippery spots.

If you drive in the winter or into remote areas, it’s also important to have a supply of non-perishable and high energy foods like nuts, dried fruits or hard candies. Be sure to check the batteries and replenish the food and water supply every few months.

Also, check that a list of family and emergency phone numbers are in your car, including those for your car insurance company and a local towing company. If you carry your registration and insurance card in your wallet (it’s recommended to not have them in your glove box so that if you vehicle is stolen, thieves don’t have easy access to your home address), then be sure to also take photos of them and keep on your cell phone.

Preparing for an emergency gives you peace of mind so that you can better deal with any roadside emergencies. At Melloy Dodge in Albuquerque, we’ve been helping New Mexico families travel the roadways for more than 60 years. If we can help you with vehicle service or to find a new Dodge or Ram truck, or if you’re in the market for a pre-owned vehicle, shop our website at www.melloydodge.com or visit us at 9621 Coors Blvd. NW in Albuquerque, just north of Paseo del Norte. And, be safe out there!

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