Wednesday, February 13, 2019

4 Main Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light Could Be On

Your vehicle is smarter than you might think. If you see your check engine light on, it’s important to pay attention to it. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging your engine. At Melloy Dodge, we’re here to help. There are a few reasons why the light may pop on:

Catalytic converter is damaged: The catalytic converter is responsible for removing the exhaust gas away from the engine. If the converter becomes damaged, dirty air is being cycled back into the engine.
Oxygen sensor is damaged: Your engine functions because of a specific ratio of oxygen and gas. If the sensor is damaged, your engine may be getting too much or not enough oxygen.
as cap is off: If the gas cap is off (or damaged), you're not getting the vacuum seal that is necessary for the fuel pump to get enough fuel to the engine for internal combustion.
Spark plugs are faulty: Spark plugs help to power everything to the engine. If a plug goes bad, various systems may stop functioning.
Oil filter needs to be replaced: Your oil filter cleans the oil that goes into the engine to keep everything lubricated. If the filter is too dirty, the oil stops entering the engine.

All sorts of things can happen under the hood of your vehicle. Luckily, the check engine light will tell you that there is a problem. It's your chance to act quickly to get the problem taken care of to avoid even bigger problems, like getting stuck on the side of the road. You won't know what the problem is until you bring it into the service center. A technician will be able to run diagnostics and identify the problem.

When your check engine light comes on, the best thing that you can do is make an appointment with the service center at Melloy Dodge. One of our service technicians will explore why the check engine light is on. Then, we can make the necessary repair or reset the sensor so that you don’t have to worry.

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