Wednesday, June 11, 2014

RAM Trucks to Have Split Tailgates

You’ve seen split doors on the back of some SUVs, where the 2 doors both open out from the center. Well, imagine taking that concept to the tailgate of a truck.

Chrysler has reportedly patented a split door design for the tailgate that will allow either half to independently pivot at the bed (typically seen today) OR allow each half to swing outward like a door. L-frame brackets on either side use electromagnetic local attached to the box that will 
allow either the horizontal motion or a vertical motion.  

With all of the combinations, the tailgate can be configured in eight combinations. The patent also says that Chrysler could manufacture the gates to open in 60/40, 65/35 or 70/30 splits. The details are available in Car and Driver.

Imagine the convenience of this unique feature in hauling construction materials, allowing more flexibility in tiedowns, etc. It would also be a very convenient feature for smaller people since the tailgate on some trucks can be a hefty weight.

No word yet on when this handy feature might be available, but the RAM truck is scheduled for redesign for the 2017 model year so it may impact the line then. When it does come out, we’re expecting a lot of Melloy Dodge customers to be very interested!

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