Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How to Choose Your Next Car

How do you know how big a car you really need? After all, a sportscar like the Dodge SRT Viper would be really nice, but it might not be practical if you have small children!

At Melloy Dodge in Albuquerque at Coors and Paseo del Norte, we advise buyers to first determine if you’ll need a back seat – and what you’d need it for. If you’re the only one that will drive the car such as commuting to work, and you know you won’t need extra storage that a back seat offers, maybe a two-seater will work for you. However, a back seat doesn’t add to the overall cost or reduce the overall fuel efficiency—but it does allow the passenger seat to recline more and allows much more cargo capacity. At Melloy Dodge, the Dodge Dart is our most compact model but still offers a roomy interior with up to 36 mpg.

If you often drive with 3 or 4 passengers but don’t need a lot of trunk space, a compact to midsize vehicle like the Dodge Charger with spacious back seats, standard child lock doors and 6 airbags, or Dodge Challenger with more cargo space, horsepower and a sportier ride, will fit your needs.

If having more trunk space is important, a full sized sedan like the Dodge Avenger, a minivan like the Dodge Grand Caravan, or an SUV like the Dodge Journey or Dodge Durango are more suited to your lifestyle. After all, if both your kids are in sports, you’ll have a hard time fitting gym bags and backpacks into a smaller vehicle!

Where you live may also play a factor in the size or type of your next vehicle. If you live in the East Mountains or in parts of Rio Rancho that are on gravel roads, you may want an SUV that includes four-wheel drive.

Regardless of the size of vehicle, it’s also a good idea to check the fuel efficiency of the makes you are considering. The website,, has a handy trip calculator tool that lets you compare various models and find the most efficient one and estimate the amount of fuel you’ll use.

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